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Expert Evaluations

All the services detailed below are conducted exclusively by experts in their respective fields, collectively referred to as "expert evaluations." Expert evaluations are frequently juxtaposed with end-user evaluations, wherein multiple potential end-users are enlisted to assist in evaluating potential issues within a given experience.

Key Advantages of Expert Evaluation


Experts require less time individually to identify, assess, and summarise potential issues.

Expert evaluations involve fewer individuals compared to end-user evaluations, resulting in lower costs.



Experts can uncover issues that may elude users, even when a substantial number of users are involved.

While expert evaluations prove valuable in identifying and addressing potential issues, they should not be considered a replacement for testing games with individuals who possess the lived experiences targeted for support. Some of our staff members align with these lived experiences and can offer personal feedback in that regard. However, any aspects requiring further testing will be communicated accordingly.

Usability, in the realm of video games, pertains to the ease with which players can perform specific tasks. These tasks encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from accessing and using menus, to navigation of various gameplay elements.

Usability issues frequently result in frustrating and time-consuming experiences for players. In instances of severe usability issues, players may be compelled to abandon games altogether due to the extent of their dissatisfaction.

At Take A Mo, we offer the expertise to assess the user-friendliness of your game, ensuring that players can effortlessly navigate and engage with its features. The evaluation process takes into consideration both the duration required for task completion and the associated costs, which are contingent upon the number and complexity of tasks involved.

As well as identifying these issues, we can also help offer or design potential solutions. We can offer general considerations for building solutions to these issues, or offer detailed designs.

If you're interested in learning more, you can contact us to book an initial free consultation below.

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